Project Management

Project Management.

1. Go to any searcher such as: Google, yahoo, msn,,, ASA electronic library and type the name of the disease: tuberculosis, or liver, kidney function tests.
2. From the results, select sites containing the .edu, CDC, NIH. or hospitals such as Mayo clinic as they contain updated information about the topic.
3. If you chose a website such as you’ll find information about testing and diagnosis, infection control and prevention, laboratory information, etc. Use that content to write two pages of the paper containing information about what it is, what causes the disease, what is the epidemiology (individual characteristics), symptoms, prevention, and treatment.
4. Most of the paper has to be based on the characteristics of the microorganism: shape, stains, genetic material, growth (cultures and culture media), transmission to a susceptible host, oxygen and food requirements, immunity, prevention, and vaccines etc.
5. From the testing and diagnosis look for the name of the test(s) that are used to make the diagnosis: The Mantoux tuberculin skin test (TST), QuantiFERON®-TB Gold Test, CBC, Acid-Fast Stain,etc.
6. Information about the test(s) should include source of the specimen: blood, urine, sputum, etc, patient preparation: fasting, timed collections etc, vacuum tubes (if needed), normal values, and conditions associated to abnormal values.
7. You must open an account with as a student, the class enrollment and password will be provided when you select your topic.
8. An electronic copy must be submitted ONE week BEFORE the finals.






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Project Management


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