Project Management

Project Management.




The course project is a mechanism design project. When you have successfully completed this project, you will have honed your skills in specification development, dimensional synthesis of linkages, gear trains and cams. You will also gain experience in working with geographically dispersed teams. The project will require that you complete individual designs or portions of the final device that must work in consort at the end of the project.
Your goal is to design a quick-return mechanism that performs one of the tasks outlined in the project topics below. Your team will design a linkage system, a drive mechanism and a loading mechanism. Your design must utilize a linkage to produce the primary motion, a gear train and motor to drive the linkage. Your design must include a mechanism to load the machine and control the timing of the release that utilizes a cam. The same motor will be used to drive the linkage and the loading mechanism.
• Generate engineering specifications (design requirements) for a linkage based machine, given a general design problem
• Use position, velocity, acceleration and quick return analysis to design a linkage to meet a given set of performance specifications
• Design a gear train and motor system to drive your linkage
• Design a loading and timing mechanism that utilizes a cam
• Note that in all of these projects spin is important!
Projects – Choose one of the projects listed here:
• Use the short description of the project and information obtained from hand calculations, references, and/or simple experiments to develop specifications for the size and timing-ratio of the linkage, as well as for the force needed at the output.
• Assume that your target market is college level through professional level players
• Design a linkage that satisfies your derived specifications.
• Size a motor and drive system. Specify a power rating and a speed so that the output delivers sufficient force and velocity to the object being acted on. How frequently will the output action occur?
• Analyze the design. Include ranges on the output displacement, the transmission angle, maximum velocity and acceleration of the output, velocity and acceleration of the output during contact.
A Slapshot Shooter
A machine that will simulate a hockey slapshot to be used to train goalies. The hitter should be able to deliver the puck to any portion of the net at a velocity that challenges a goalie.
Design a linkage that can be driven by a motor that operates at a constant rpm and transforms the rotary motion of the input to oscillatory or translational motion. The output should propel a hockey puck with sufficient speed so that goalies can use your machine to practice blocking slap shots.
1. A specification design review (Done+ attached).
2. Individual system design
Each member of your team will select one of the three subsystems (linkage, loading system and drive system) You will submit a document (2 pages) describing the specifications and design of your subsystem of the entire system. You will construct a prototype for your subsystem that the team will assemble into a final prototype. (We need linkages)


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Project Management


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