Provide (2) 200 words response for RESPONSES 1 AND 2 below.  Each post must be a

Provide (2) 200 words response for RESPONSES 1 AND 2 below.  Each post must be a.

Provide (2) 200 words response for RESPONSES 1 AND 2 below.  Each post must be a different topic. So, you will have your initial post from one topic, your first follow-up post from a different topic, and your second follow-up post from one of the other topics. Response provided should further discuss the subject or provide more insight. To further understand the response, below is the discussion post that’s discusses the responses. 100% original work and not plagiarized. Must meet deadline.
For the entire class I think that the resources that I liked best were the PDFs included each week that consolidated the information that we had gone over for the week and provided examples and even broke down the process for Excel as well.
Question two is one I always struggle with, seeing the bigger picture. I know that the math classes that are required for my Natural Science degree will become useful in future classes I take, especially those with lab requirements.
For me, the discussion posts were very useful as it allowed me to see how other individuals approached each weeks work and sometimes those posts shed new light on the subject making it easier for me to understand the weeks work.
From here, I am keeping up my trend of taking two classes at a time, this starting semester I will begin Chemisty (with Lab) and Biology (with lab). Both of these classes are 16 weeks long and begin the day after this class and my Physical Geography class close this Sunday. Now with Statistics and Physical Geography completed I am over 50% complete with my degree.
Again, congrats to everyone for making it this far in the class and good luck on your last week’s tests and the final paper. For those of you who have more classes, keep going strong.
Which resources did you like best? Why?
My favorite resources were the ones that were attached to our discussion each week. Those helped me the most when it came to prepping for the homework quizzes and tests.
How will you use the information in the future? This is your opportunity to consider–and then share–how you will employ the knowledge that you have gained during our course.
The information I learned in this class won’t make its way into my everyday life but I can see where I would use this knowledge to make big purchases in my life. I can use statistics when comparing potential vehicles, houses, and even stocks if I were inclined to invest in the stock market.
Were the discussions useful?  Will they be useful for you in real life?  Why or why not?
I found the discussions very helpful in the course because it allowed me to apply the new concepts learned each week. That was helpful when it came to the homework and test each week. I can only speak for myself but those homework quizzes and tests were no joke. I needed all the help I could get.
Where are you going from here? What course(s) do you plan to take next?
This is the first time I’m saying this at the end of a course, but I’m not signed up for any other classes after this one concludes. I am due to have my second baby in roughly 40 days and this mama needs a break. I need to rest and prep for having another baby. I plan to take about 4 months off from school while I acclimate to having a second baby and see how that is going to alter my daily schedule. I plan to start classes back up again in July/August. At that time, I will be taking BUSN312 – Operations Research and BUSN313 – Global and Competitive Strategy. I have eight classes plus my senior seminar left until I finish my degree. I’m sad to be taking a break because I could be done with my degree by the end of this year. I know I’ll need the break though.
Feel free to share something interesting about yourself and/or how it relates to the course. 
I don’t have anything interesting about myself that pertains to statistics.
Something interesting about myself just in general though, is that I can solve a regular Rubix cube in under a minute. I have a Rubix obsession. I have a pyramix (pyramid one), a 5×5 Rubix cube, as well as a 12-Sided Megaminx (it has 12 pentagons). The pyramid one is the easiest one to solve, but the other two take me a while to solve. There are a lot of algorithms to remember with those.
Does anyone else know how to solve the Rubix cube?
It was great conversing with everyone throughout this course and it was great that we could rely on each other to check our math.
– Emily

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Provide (2) 200 words response for RESPONSES 1 AND 2 below.  Each post must be a


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