. Public speaking is explained as a sort of “enlarged conversation”

. Public speaking is explained as a sort of “enlarged conversation”.

1. Public speaking is explained as a sort of “enlarged conversation” in the text. What four elements comprise this conversation?

2. Define glossophobia. What are the main factors which contribute to people’s fear of speaking in public?

3. What practical ideas are supplied in the text to deal with preparing for a presentation on the mental, physical, contextual, and speech preparation levels?

Explain and elaborate specifically about yourself; this is not a theoretical answer

       1. What are the six steps in the listening process? What happens at each of the six steps? (Refer to handouts 1-4.)

        3. What are the main barriers faced when listening? What strategies can we use to overcome them?

      1. As Americans we have freedom of speech. List and explain some instances where that freedom is limited.

        2. What is the connection between morality and public speaking?

        3. What is credibility? Explain initial, derived, and terminal.

5. Citing sources as you deliver a speech is very different from citing sources in a written paper? Explain how.

1. Explain the difference between general-purpose, specific purpose, and central idea in a speech.

2. Explain the six problems to Avoid with Specific Purpose and Central Idea Statements

              to audience analysis?

2. The text explains 11 of the most common demographic factors you will encounter. Answer where you fit in each of those 11. Only answer the ones you feel comfortable answering. Avoid any you do not wish to share or feel reluctant to share.

3. What are psychographic factors? Explain.

4. What are the six main contextual factors?

     1. What are the four main types of speeches you may be called upon to deliver? Explain the differences.

    2. The text goes into detail on the following aspects of delivery: eye contact, volume, pitch, rate, and vocalized pauses. Review the delivery handout distributed in class and be certain to look up and define the additional aspects of delivery we will cover.

3. What six bits of advice are given for practicing your delivery?

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. Public speaking is explained as a sort of “enlarged conversation”


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