Racism and Stereotypes in Movies

Racism and Stereotypes in Movies.


Prepare a couple of sentences that describe the general topic you will be working with. These sentences should describe the artifacts you will be working with and the conceptual question(s) you think you will be considering. You may upload this as a Word document to Sakai or type the sentences directly into the Sakai submission portal for this assignment.
Thesis and bibliography: Prepare a bibliography of the (potential) academic sources you will be referring to for your project as well as a succinct thesis statement that encapsulates the argument that you will make. The bibliography should contain at least 7 sources, and you are encouraged to draw from course readings for these sources.
One-page proposal: You will prepare a short proposal that narrates:
The goals and objectives of your paper:
What questions about your artifacts are you asking?
What theoretical apparatus are you using to ask these questions?
How do you think this apparatus will allow you to answer questions about your artifact?
The relevance and significance of your paper
Are you offering novel interpretations of culturally relevant material?
What constituencies might your paper respond to, help inform, or reframe?
Peer Review: you should have a draft of your full project. On that day, I will send a list of pairs or groups of three. You will exchange your papers with your partner or group, read them, and complete the peer review form that you can find on Sakai.
Final project—paper option: Writing humanistic, academic criticism can be tricky. I’d encourage you to pay special attention to articles from academic journals and to try to use them as a model. Additionally, I have prepared a guide, “How to do criticism,” that you can find on Sakai. While you do not have to adhere to the method I outlined in that document, it is a good place to start if you are confused.



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Racism and Stereotypes in Movies


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