recognizable and memorable1

recognizable and memorable1.

This assignment asks to examine the role of graphic design within the Olympiads and evaluate the visual elements of their design programs. The olympiad I chose was to write about Mexico 1968, and deliver a 2,500 word-processed statement by applying some of the concepts and methodologies of cultural visual analysis. these are the questions I was given to base the essay off of
1. Where has been the design’s concept main emphasis laid upon? 2 What values and stories are reflected in the visual forms and design decisions of the design system as a whole (logotype, design applications and pictograms)? 3. Are there references to the cultural and historical heritage of the host country and how are these reflected in the design? 4. How does the use of the specific color palette and possibly custom typeface make this Olympiad’s designs recognizable and memorable? 5 How did the designers deal with the language barriers of an international and multilingual audience? How effective was the design in this goal? 6. What were the design challenges that designers faced during this Olympiad? 7. Were any new mediums added on this specific year, which called for new design applications and led to design innovations? 8 What are the innovations of this Olympiad’s design systems compared to previous examples of Olympiads? Your text should include a minimum of 6 illustrations that you have used as points of reference and would work as arguments too. Captions should include title, author, year, country and possible context.
 The topic of your paper will be chosen in collaboration with the instructor. You will engage with 2 primary sources and you will choose 3 additional scholarly sources to create your research topic and support your argument. You will engage with the following: a) an analysis of the main concepts of the chosen design system and b) a comparison between the chosen design system and the rest 4 design systems in the list.


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recognizable and memorable1


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