Remember, SMART goals must be added to this paper.

Remember, SMART goals must be added to this paper..

Assignment 1: (15 points):
Stress can have a negative impact upon one’s health.  Students will incorporate knowledge of MI techniques to engage a specific population in an evidence based activity that reduces stress levels.  Through creating a stress management plan, the APRN gains experiential knowledge to utilize in their clinical practice.
Assignment Criteria:
Complete the Stress Management Scale and Perceived Stress Scale located in the course module
Choose an intervention that is useful for stress management: journal, aerobic exercise (running, walking, and swimming), yoga/Pilates, martial arts, meditation, music therapy, equine therapy etc.
Create a Stress Management Plan using two SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound)
Research the intervention selected and cite evidence of effectiveness
Provide any cultural considerations that may impact success of the intervention
Submit a 3-5 page paper using APA format (Intro, conclusion, references) to Assignments in Canvas on due date.
Some hints for the first paper. Assignment 1, Motivational techniques and their application to stress management plan

Consider the mindfulness approach and how it relates to the population of interest.
Here is an example….
In a catholic parish, a nurse wanted to start yoga classes. When she spoke to the priest about this, she was told that it was a poor idea because yoga is considered an Eastern religious practice and not a Catholic practice.
Consider the particulars around the population and the practice. It could be world views related to death, spirituality, food choices etc….
I am not looking at definitions of culture but how you assess this when assisting patients with a treatment plan that includes mindfulness techniques.
Remember, SMART goals must be added to this paper.
The NP is utilizing MI techniques (engaging, reflecting, and summarizing) to determine the needs of the patient.
In practice, the NP knows how effective the technique can be within the selected population and based on the literature, what goals will produce the best outcome.
An example….
If exercise is used as a goal for weight reduction, what does a SMART goal incorporate?
Obviously, it is not joining a gym unless this is feasible for the patient.
Maybe its 20 minutes of ________(fill in the blank) activity for 3-4 times a week/for one month.
You must incorporate an assessment (stress scale, readiness assessment,  etc…) to determine the benefit of your intervention.


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Remember, SMART goals must be added to this paper.


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