Requirement: Your annotated bibliography must include a min

Requirement: Your annotated bibliography must include a min.

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Requirement: Your annotated bibliography must include a minimum of 8 sources. At least 5 sources must be scholarly material, such as books, book chapters, or journal articles (see more on scholarly sources below). Each annotation must include the bibliographic citation using a consistent format (APA, MLA or Chicago style). The citation must include the author, title of the article/book chapter (if in an edited collection), title of the journal or book or edited book, name of the editor if an edited book, city of publication, publisher, date of publication, page numbers, and if accessed online the date of web access. Each evaluative annotation also should include three brief paragraphs that perform the following:Include an introductory paragraph that introduces your sub-topic, how it relates to your group presentation, and gives a general overview of the research included in the annotated bibliography.Then:1.) summarize the author’s topic, thesis/argument, and main point ASK: What questions are being asked by the author(s) of this piece? What answers are being offered (or what is the argument/analysis/findings/evidence being explained)?2.) evaluate the source in terms of its credibility and its usefulness given the focus of your group presentation project; that is, what is unique about this source and its contribution to your understanding of your research topic;ASK: What did I learn from reading this essay? How does this paper contribute to knowledge about rhetoric and gender? How does it help me to better understand my group’s topic?3.) discuss the source’s limitations in terms of scope, arguments, bias, and or gaps in knowledge. ASK: What questions did I have after reading this essay? What might be something the author left out of the essay that you think could have been included? What may be an argument against the findings of this author?

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Requirement: Your annotated bibliography must include a min


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