Research Proposal for a qualitative study

Research Proposal for a qualitative study.



Referring to the area of interest you researched for Assessment 1, write a Research Proposal for a qualitative study on a particular aspect of this topic. Integrate the feedback provided in the first assessment to refine the literature search in support of your research topic.

It must be a study that could realistically be carried out by one person collecting and analysing the data on their own (with input from a research supervisor). You are not asked to do the actual research, but you must write it as if you were planning to do this research yourself.

You have been allocated a research grant of R15,000 to fund this study. The proposal should be structured as follows:

 Introduction (Explain the problem and provide relevant background information);

 Literaturereview(Overviewofexistingresearchonthisissue.Synthesize,donotpresent study-by-study. End by developing your research questions/aims in relation to the existing literature: show how you will address a gap/build on a precedent to take knowledge further.);

 Methods (must include the research design, participants, procedure for data collection, data collection methods, data analysis);

 Ethical considerations; and

 Budget and proposed timeline.



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Research Proposal for a qualitative study


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