Research the current Texas election system.

Research the current Texas election system..

I don’t know how to handle this History question and need guidance. Research the current Texas election system. Read the following article and then answer the questions below: (in 400 words)……How are Texas judges currently elected? What are the requirements for to hold judicial office in Texas?
Who are likely donors to judicial campaigns in our state? What does this suggest about the concept of justice?
What is prompting the idea of election reform? What potential political issues could stop reform from occurring?
Are non-partisan elections the key to justice being served? Or, are limiting campaign contributions to judicial candidates more likely to fix our perceived sale sign over the judicial branch of Texas? Explain.
Lastly, what are your overall thoughts on our current judicial elections system as is? Do we need reform?
Then, respond to this answer: (in 250 words)Texas judges are elected by voters, they are required to win people’s votes in order to serve a six-year term. After their six-year term, they have the option to for re-election if they wish to. Judges are required various things to hold judicial office in Texas. First, they must be a U.S citizen if they are if they want to serve any of the appellate courts, other than having to be a citizen a judge must be resident in the state of Texas, meaning that if they are a resident in another state they will not be able to serve a court. They also must have a license to practice the law, and they also must have 10 years of experience practicing the laws of Texas. Ages from 35 to 75 are required to serve any courts in Texas and will not be accepted if older or younger of the age requirement. Previous judges have created a system, a non-profit to raise donations for judicial campaigns. Judges became an influence for attorneys because they did the same of creating donations, but eventually, people began to think that money was the solution for justice. Which would create a big issue in general because they started thinking justice was for sale. They have tried finding ways of making election reform fair for people, but there has been corruption behind the scenes and this has been an issue people have faced. People have questioned the ballots since there have always been shocking outcomes causing suspicion. Gov. Greg Abbot spiked the idea of election reform, he signed a law creating a commission to study the way the elections are running. The right to vote for candidates can be taken away if reform is conducted. Non-partisan could be the best way for our judicial system because people won’t be based on what they were raised to believe in and there would actually be a more fair outcome for the public rather than just voting for personal preferences. It would also allow voters to vote on knowledge rather than just voting for other people’s ideas. Our judicial system could use a little fixing because I believe there is a lot of unfairness and I believe that a non-partisan election could be vital to our system because not only will it benefit our system but it will encourage people to actually vote for their beliefs and not being afraid of what others have to say causing them to vote for acceptance.
Requirements: 400 words answer and 250 words respond

Research the current Texas election system.


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