Robert Frost

Robert Frost.

Robert Frost Journal Due to Journal Portal
For this week’s journal, please write a 250-word journal on the poetry of Robert Frost.  You may write on common themes that you see across Frost’s work, or on a specific poem that is of particular interest to you.
Please submit your journal to the appropriate journal portal
Discussion Board on Frost and the Critics –
This week, I am setting up small-group discussion boards that you will use to share with fellow students your ideas regarding the literature that we read.
Our first discussion-board activity will focus upon Frost and his critics, as set forth in the module above.
First, you will enter a 5- to 7-sentence discussion board post discussing what insights you found most interesting or persuasive, from Frost and/or from his critics.  This initial post will be due to your small-group discussion board.
Next, you will respond to the ideas of each of your fellow group members, in a post of 3 to 5 sentences.  These response posts will be due to your small-group discussion board
Blog Post (An Inspiring Work of Poetry)
For this week’s Course Blog activity, please write a 250-word blog post regarding a work of poetry that has been important or influential in your life.  Why has this poem spoken to you and been important to you?  The lyrics of a song can also be utilized for this blog post.


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Robert Frost


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