Role of government agency official

Role of government agency official.


1.•Select a project title that includes the name of your organization; put another way, come up with a project title, and make sure the project title includes the name of the organization you are selecting.
2•Indicate the organizational entity that has come to you in your PR scenario. •Include the name of the entity. •List whether it is a business, a nonprofit, or a governmental entity. •Include a link to the organization. •You must use an entity that actually exists
3•Discuss what the organization wants to achieve: •Is it to increase awareness that the organization, or one of its products or services, exists? •Is it to promote a particular program or product? •Is it to get help with a crisis communications situation
4•Find one relevant fact that might help this organization from an already existing dataset such as Census. view Research Center•Include the fact and identify the source.
5•Discuss one type of research you would recommend the organization actually conduct to better understand what PR strategies and tactics need to be executed. •Discuss the type of research you are recommending. Specifically, answer these four questions: •Is this qualitative or quantitative( Quantitative•More precise and scientific. Qualitative•Relies less on numbers and statistics.•Reliesmoreoninterpretation of information, such as transcripts of focus groups or content.)?•Is this primary or secondary?•Name one strength of this type of research.•Name one weakness of this type of research.•Again, refer to Chapter 5 Research and to our lecture on research to guide you



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Role of government agency official


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