Rules of cduct in emgineering

Rules of cduct in emgineering.


How do the rules of conduct affect engineers?
Task 1: For Essay #2, select a research topic and locate at least six sources (2 scholarly and 4 credible) whose
authors discuss this topic.
After gathering all your research, carefully consider what themes or issues connect them. Do they present
similar or different arguments? What kinds of support do they use?
Task 2: Compose a literature review that
• Includes an introduction that identifies the topic and ends with a thesis that focuses on a shared theme and/or
offers a particular perspective on the issue instead of taking a position in the debate
• Presents the literature in an organized way
• Discusses and compares the relationship between the various sources
• Evaluates the sources (persuasiveness, value, and objectivity), advising the reader on the most pertinent or
relevant research
• Includes a conclusion that notes any places in the conversation or aspects in the field of study that need more
attention/research. How will you further your research as a result of the review?
Grading Criteria: Your essay will be graded on your ability to locate credible sources, assemble research, and
break down large concepts into manageable, well-defined topics. You must fully explore your topic, judge what
claims are most relevant, and evaluate your sources. In addition, I will assess your ability to effectively
summarize and synthesize these sources within your essay.
Length and Format: 2-4 pages not including the works cited page, MLA, 12-point font, Times New Roman.
Sources must be from Galileo. A works cited page must be included. Essays that fail to meet the length
requirement will receive a zero!





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Rules of cduct in emgineering


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