Salesperson Interview

Salesperson Interview.






This memo is in regards to your written report for your PSI 5 Assignment. Please see course schedule for due date. This assignment has 3 components/parts to it, and all must be completed.
PSI 5 should be written as a report with a cover page that includes, the class, your name, the date and the name and title of your sales representative. Please use the following parts as headers in your paper as you write.
Part 1: 30pts Professional Sales Representative Interview
After interviewing your sales representative and viewing the guest lectures posted on D2L, please select a sales class topic or concept. (Examples of possible topics would be Probing, Opening, Precall planning, Presenting to customers, or other class topics can be used). After selecting your topic, please complete the following in a two to three-page summary, identifying 2 to 3 outside sources on your selected topic. These sources for your topic should be properly referenced and cited.

In the summary the following should be included:
A. The topic or concept you selected to write on and a detailed analysis of how your sales representative uses/implements the topic into their sales process.
B. Using your topic and the 2 to 3 outside sources please develop a detailed analysis of best practice for using the topic in the sales process, explaining how they improve the process.

Part 2: 10pts Coronavirus Impact
Being that we are in the middle of this Coronavirus pandemic, please complete a one to two-page summary of how the pandemic is impacting the business of your sales representative and how the impact is being handled. You must identify 2 to 3 outside sources on your sales representative’s business and the impact. Each source should be properly referenced and cited.

Part 3: 10pts Sales and Sales Careers
After conducting your Professional Sales Interview and participating in class, please complete a one to two-page summary on your thoughts of sales profession as a career for you and how you see the sales process helping you further develop in the future.

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Salesperson Interview


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