“Sarahah” app

“Sarahah” app.

In mid-2017, Zain-Alabdin Tawfiq lunched a software application called “Sarahah”. It is a Saudi Arabian social networking service for providing constructive feedback. The app went through ups and downs in terms of technical and ethical concerns. Your job in the first phase of this case study is to establish a sloid background about the “Sarahah” application by answering the questions in part-one.
For start you can visit this website( )
Your answer should be as follow:
1. Answer all the questions based on your point of view.
2. You can use multiple sources to cite your answer.
3. Your answer should be comprehensive. Yes/No answers are not enough. Try to elaborate your answer from what you have studied in the course.
The following link may help you answer some of the questions.
1. What is Sarahah app? What is the principal idea behind it?
2. Can the message sender be revealed? What do you think about this?
3. Is Sarahah encouraging bullying? And How?
4. From your point of view, what kind of ethical issue is this app creating?
5. What is the story behind removing Sarahah app from Apple and Google stores in 2018? Do you support that?
6. Are you one of Sarahah app users? If yes, share your experience with us.
7. Would you allow your family member to use this app? Why or Why not?
8. What is the best age to use this app? Explain why?
9. What is your advice to someone who wants to build an app like Sarahah in future?
10. Can we say that Sarahah is part of Freedom of Expression? Refer to page 126, Section 3.5 in the course text book.

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“Sarahah” app


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