Self Reflections and SOAP Note

Self Reflections and SOAP Note.



Your reflection should address all of the following questions with between 750 to 1,000 words. Appropriate
spelling, grammar, and punctuation are required. Complete sentences are expected. All writing should be in
your own words. Use APA references as needed to support your ideas; there is no requirement on the number
of references to include. Be sure to use APA format.
• Which skills did you use in the session? How?
• How did the assigned Corey readings, PowerPoints, Handouts, and videos inform your therapy session?
Please explain in detail.
• What were your strengths in the interview?
• What were your weaknesses/areas in need of further development in the interview?
• How could you improve your interviewing skills? Are there steps you plan on taking? What are those steps?
• Was there any time when you felt stuck or uncertain how to respond? Describe what was happening then.
Were there times you felt more confident in your responses with the client? Times you were less confident?
How? Does this come through in the session?
• How were you impacted by the client…your emotions, thoughts, physical reactions, transference, and
countertransference, body language?
• What was your overall response to the interview? Did you feel connected to the client? Distracted?
• What was the quality of your engagement, your empathy?
• If you were to continue seeing this particular client, what future directions would you take? How would you
conceptualize the case and what would be some of your treatment goals? How would you pursue these goals?
In relation to your partner:
• What were your partner’s strengths in the interview?
• What were your partner’s weaknesses/areas in need of further development in the interview?
• How could your partner improve his/her interviewing skills?

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Self Reflections and SOAP Note


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