For your final essay of this semester, you will be writing a short persuasive research essay. In this type of essay, you are researching, summarizing, quoting, and documenting in order to convince your reader to agree with your assessment of a topic.
You will be expanding your research proposal (Formal Assignment #2) into an argumentative essay. You may use your proposal as the starting point for Formal Assignment #3. For example, take the introduction and refine it into a proper introduction for Formal Assignment #3. You may wish to keep the background information as the first body paragraph and expand it a bit, or you may prefer to include that information in the introduction instead. You should take the struggles you presented in the third paragraph and develop each into its own paragraph(s).
The annotated bibliography from Formal Assignment #2 should become a works cited page for Formal Assignment #3. You should remove the annotations, and you should include only sources you actually used in Formal Assignment #3 on the final works cited page.
Remember, in this essay, you are going to argue that one of the four generations we have studied this semester (Baby Boomer, Generation X, Millennial, Generation Z) has faced more challenges than the other three generations. You may choose any of the four generations to write about, but you must focus on one.
You will then use outside sources to find information about specific challenges faced by that generation in order to convince your reader that this generation did, indeed, face the greatest roadblocks to success. Think about events such as wars, economic collapses, medical crises, and terrorism, but also consider social changes, new fears, and shifts in the way people live their lives. Some events create challenges because they are dramatic and devastating (think about the effects of the Vietnam War, September 11, Columbine, the Coronavirus pandemic); others are more quietly insidious but, perhaps, equally devastating in specific ways (think about the effects of Watergate, the AIDS crisis of the 1980s, the Great Recession).
You must use and document at least three credible outside sources; however, you may use more than three sources. At least one of those sources must be an article we read from that particular unit. All of the articles we read this semester can be found on Blackboard under “Course Documents / Articles to Read.” Evaluate the outside sources carefully to make sure you are using sources credible enough for college-level research.  


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