Shakespeare Argument or Creative Character Analysis

Shakespeare Argument or Creative Character Analysis.






Explore how literature reveals the complexities of being human
in any one of the following prompts (EITHER PROMPT 1 OR PROMPT 2):
Prompt 1—Shakespeare Essay/Does Shakespeare Still Matter?
Argumentative Essay
Write or present a convincing argument with supporting textual evidence from the texts in the course, as well
as others of your own choosing, as to why Shakespeare still matters or does not matter. Explain whether his
writing reflects the human condition or not. Is Shakespearean literature still relatable today? Explain with
reasons and textual evidence.
If writing: In an essay, convince your audience as to why Shakespeare still matters or does not matter. Does
his writing reflect the human condition today? Explain your ideas clearly with two to three reasons why
Shakespeare still is or is not important today.
For an outline, please click HERE
For a sample paper, please click HERE
Multimedia Presentation If presenting: You may present this as a multimedia presentation in which you
convince your audience as to why Shakespeare still does or does not matter today. For power point, you are to
have 8-10 slides (Not including title slide and reference slide), with 3-5 bullets per slide. Use the notes section
under each slide to discuss and explain your points; also add appropriate citations within your notes or next to
bullet points. A reference list should be placed on your final slide. If using video, your video should be 2-5
minutes long, with a reference list at the end of the video. Each scene with paraphrases or quotes should also
include in-text citations. Ensure you include appropriate images that enhance your presentation or video.
Assignment: Prompt 2
Prompt 2—Creative Character Analysis
Analyze one of the following characters:
1. Emilia from Emilia’s Lament
2. Hamlet from the play, Hamlet
1. Create a cartoon (with three or more strips), poem, sonnet, skit/ re-enactment scene, or news report
showing what you’ve learned about one of the characters. This is a creative assignment.
2. You also need to write a brief paragraph analysis: Submit a paragraph summary explaining your work and
the traits you are trying to show in the creative work you made. Does this character represent the complexities
of being human? Briefly explain how he or she reflects the complexities of being human in your paragraph.
Whichever format you choose, ensure that your work is accompanied by appropriately documented sources
within text, and in a reference list.
If choosing to do a cartoon representation of the character, ensure that you use a software program—handdrawings will not be accepted, and you should have at least three strips with callouts. Here are a list of free
software programs you may use—MS Word, Power Point, Powtoon, Animaker, Toony Tools 
If choosing to do poem or sonnet, ensure you use poetic elements such as figurative language and other
techniques to represent the traits of the character; for example, your poem could be an ode to that character; it
could also be written in the voice of that character.
If doing a skit or re-enactment scene, ensure you include dialogue that includes words that your character
would say or dialogue that represents the character’s feelings and other traits of the character.
If creating a news report, you could add elements such as interview questions, and other news feature


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Shakespeare Argument or Creative Character Analysis


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