Short story – StreetCa

Short story – StreetCa.




Recall Stanley’s mood in scene 2 and his conflict/argument/fight with Blanche? Whom would you say won?
Read the stage directions for scene 3 on page 41. Notice the description of the light and the colors the men are wearing, along what is said about the men. Notice what is on the tabletop. What is all this meant to communicate about this scene and the players?
What is Stanley’s mood at the beginning of Scene 3? How can you tell? Why is he in this mood?
In what way does Blanche think Mitch is “superior to the others”?
Light, which figures in the stage directions on page X and after figures again in scene three. Where and when does it figure in scene 3?
What is the significance of the paper lantern? Why does Williams have Blanche introduce it when he does?
When does Blanche lie to Mitch?
Might the first encounter between Mitch and Blanche foreshadow the development of their relationship? If so, in what ways?


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Short story – StreetCa


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