Single serve coffee market

Single serve coffee market.

Address the following questions in your case analysis. Note that they are not the “key issues”.

1. What is the potential of the current (i.e., as of 2020) single serve coffee market?

2. Where is it on the product life cycle curve – in the growth stage or maturity stage?

3. As the market leader, are there opportunities for growth in the future? What do you suggest Keurig to maintain their market position and even grow?

Hint 1: Please focus on the brand Keurig, instead of the company Keurig, as the company Keurig has become Keurig Dr Peppers and now it is the seventh largest food and beverage company in the U.S.

Hint 2: Consider the consumer preference, competition, and external environments (PEST).

Also, please include the following in your analysis.

1. Case Overview

2. Identify and summarize the key marketing strategy issues.

3. Evaluate the key issues.

4. Propose your own solutions/make thorough recommendations on how the issues should be handled.

5. Justify the solution(s).

6. You should apply marketing concepts/theories introduced in this course or you find from external sources.



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Single serve coffee market


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