Situation Analysis – Opportunities –Identify and describe a minimum of three opportunities.

Situation Analysis – Opportunities –Identify and describe a minimum of three opportunities..

Situation Analysis – Opportunities (15 marks) –Identify and describe a minimum of three opportunities. These are external to the company (not potential strategic choices for the company) and focus on the factors identified in the CREST and competitive analysis. You must support each opportunity, which you identify by relevant and appropriately cited evidence, and clearly articulate how each opportunity will affect the company’s future. In this section, for your chosen scenario discuss the opportunities of the business based on your findings from your SWOT analysis and the associated implications for the decision/recommendations. Start with the opportunity points that are high probability/high impact, followed by high probability/low impact and so on. Be sure only to address the points that are relevant to the decision you need to make/recommend.
Scenario – Walmart+ Membership Service
Walmart recently announced its new membership service called Walmart Plus. For more information, see the following pages:
It is believed that Walmart Plus is Amazon prime’s competitor despite some differences between the two programs. Your team has been asked by the Walmart Canada executive team to conduct a situation analysis and make a full marketing mix recommendations regarding the launch of this service in Canada. Please note that the Walmart Canada executive team is interested in CANADIAN data, (not US or global data). The executive team will heavily discount analysis based on US or global data. It is imperative that your team visit the Ryerson Library to research Canada data to support your analysis. Based on your situation analysis, would you recommend Walmart to offer this service in Canada? Why or why not?

Situation Analysis – Opportunities –Identify and describe a minimum of three opportunities.


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