Six Short Fictions

Six Short Fictions.

“The Huntress” by Sofia Samaar
“Miracles” by Lucy Corin
Five Very Short Stories by Lydia Davis
Five More Short Stories by Lydia Davis
Short Fictions by Ana María Shúa
Taking your cue from the pieces above, compose a working draft of six short, thematically interrelated fictions.
Keep in mind your recent writing in response to Wallace Stevens’ Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.
While Lydia Davis’ pieces do not seem immediately related, Shúa’s “Short Fictions” all have to do with the
circus. Choose a topic, an activity, an attitude, a value, a culture, a tradition, a strategy, a hobby, a place, etc.,
and compose your short fictions around that. Each one should be significantly different from all the others.
In Shúa’s piece notice how helpful her titles can be: “Perhaps” starts with “If” and indicates possibilities; “The
Innovative Trapeze Artist” is concerned with the artist’s perennial striving for originality; “Like Hercules” is built
upon mythical allusions; “Two Halves” deals with both limitations and the possibilities of cooperation; “It
Happens to All of Us” deals with the common problem of aging and how it affects us all in ways that are
different but ultimately similar; “Strongmen” is about strength but also about how appearances can be
deceiving, and about how good things can come in small packages. Notice, too, how in “Two Halves” and
“Strongmen” Shúa draws, or seems to draw, on the history of the circus.




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Six Short Fictions


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