Social Dilemma Research

Social Dilemma Research.

The complexity of social interactions stemming from strongly held beliefs and values among people groups are never more pronounced than in social dilemmas past and present. Theories of social psychology not only help us understand the dynamics involved in social dilemmas but also help us consider methods for analyzing them through a theoretical framework. Analyzing the social dilemma through a Christian lens, also allows you to consider those elements of the dilemma that might not be explained through theories, but instead might be viewed through a perspective of faith.
This assignment requires you to examine the research literature around a past or present social dilemma to gain an understanding of how dilemmas arise, evolve, and sometimes resolve or dissipate over time. This is a multi-part assignment with each part separately graded and due in different weeks throughout the term. Refer to the Assignments List for specific dates
Instructions Part 1
1. Review the research literature in the online APU Library or Google Scholar to identify two different social dilemmas you might analyze in part 2.
2. Identify and briefly describe at least 3 relevant theories of social psychology that might be relevant to either dilemma Cite scholarly/authoritative sources in your descriptions of the theories and their relevance to the dilemma.
3. Identify 6 scholarly or authoritative articles (3 for each dilemma) that will provide a basis from which to write your research paper. Use the Assignment Requirements of Part 2 as your guide of concepts that will be addressed in part 2.
4. Compose an annotated bibliography of the selected articles that you have identified and will use in part 2 for your research paper.

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Social Dilemma Research


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