Social survey

Social survey.


The social survey is perhaps the most widely used technique for the collection of data within sociology. Listed below are a various, interesting topics of social inquiry. Select any one and create a small social survey to gather data on the topic that interests. You don’t have to recruit participants and actually conduct the survey. You only have to construct the questions as practice. However, this would be an interesting exercise to do with your family or friends if you are interested. Think about what types of questions you would ask to gather the exact information that you are looking for. Keep in mind, all of the issues that the lectures referred to, when conducting social science research and constructing a social survey. Come up with 5 to 7 questions to construct a sample social survey on any of the topics listed below:

Bullying at schools
Effects of social media on youth
Gender discrimination at the workplace
Reading habits of younger population
Contemporary social movements
Globalization and society
Religion and modern society
Immigrant integration
Education and social mobility
Health and its social dimensions
Deteriorating mental health among youngsters
Deviant behavior among youth
Changing gender roles within family
Effects of divorce on children
Links between addiction and mental health
LGBTQ couples and family structure
Racial dimensions of the workforce

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Social survey


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