Social work analysis

Social work analysis.



he terms values, skills, and knowledge are used. In your own words, define each term in order
to differentiate their meaning. Then, explain how the three terms are related to one another. Lastly, provide an
example for each term in a social work context.
please also respond to classmate discussion:
Values are beliefs that you may have to obey to prove your dedication, honesty, respect, and importance of
something or somewhere.
Example: Our social values determine how well you are to genuinely support our community as mayor. Having
the right values can help make a difference in our city.
Skills are something everyone has. Skills are categorized as a variety of things you’re good at/ or can do.
Example: Having skills can help you qualify for a position faster because you may have experience in cooking,
self defense, child daycare, military, etc. These set of skills help us choose you on the top of our list.
Knowledge is information gathered from research(studies), books/articles, facts, experiences/ investigation that
are made to increase your learning and wisdom.
Example: Knowledge is the key to success. Knowledge is using your educational skills and finding out the best
These three terms are related to each because these three are all important when applying for scholarships,
schools, jobs/careers, clubs, etc. It is good to have a different set of skills and also good to learn new skills so
you can gain more knowledge. This is when values come in due to having respect and dedication to what you
do or love.



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Social work analysis


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