Sociological Perspectives of the Dynamics of Gender

Sociological Perspectives of the Dynamics of Gender.



After the reading, write a thorough analysis and include one question you have about the reading(s) OR
include a link to the “real world”. A question could be about something you didn’t understand in one of the
readings, something related to the topic that wasn’t discussed, something connecting two week’s together, or
any other question that comes to mind. A “real world” link could include a song, music video, podcast,
newspaper article, current event, personal experience, meme or other image, or anything else that relates to
the week’s readings. You should include a link to what you’re talking about or briefly (in 1-3 sentences) explain
what it is. Then, in 1-2 sentences, explain how you think it relates to the week’s topic. This is graded based on
how much engagement you show in the readings and topics of the week. You do not need an introduction or
conclusion, but you should write in full sentences and refer back to the readings whenever possible. You may
provide short quotes from the readings if you would like (include page # for the quote), but you should explain
in your own words why this quote is significant to you. You can use the PDF readings I will attach below You
can use these guiding questions for your analysis: How are trans men treated at work, and how do their
experiences illuminate how structural disadvantages for women are reproduced in workplace interactions?
How does it also reflect racial inequalities? And, how are women shouldering the burden of the COVID-19
pandemic, both at work, volunteering, and at home?
A link to one of the readings:


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Sociological Perspectives of the Dynamics of Gender


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