STAT 2032/6046: Financial Mathematics assignment 代写

STAT 2032/6046: Financial Mathematics assignment 代写.

STAT 2032/6046: Financial Mathematics assignment 代写

STAT 2032/6046: Financial Mathematics  Page | 1THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITYRESEARCH SCHOOL OF FINANCE, ACTUARIAL STUDIESAND STATISTICSFINANCIAL MATHEMATICS (STAT2032 / STAT6046)SEMESTER 2, 2017ASSIGNMENTDue Date: Thursday 20 October 2017 by 4 PMTotal Marks = 40All students must hand in an assignment of their own. Ensure you also complete andattach a cover sheet with your assignment. You must complete the assignment using aspreadsheet. Assignments should be submitted using wattle and should have the answerand workings set out in a way, which is easy to follow. For your assignment submissionmake sure you add a worksheet to your excel file which has all the answers summarizedand workings must be shown on separate worksheets.STAT 2032/6046: Financial Mathematics  Page | 2The ScenarioYou are a financial planner who is investigating the options for a 45-year old man whowishes to have enough money to retire by the time he is 65. The man has just turned 45and has received a sizable inheritance of $150,000. He has approached you to understandhis financial situation and make an informed decision regarding his investment optionsfor his financial future. His current financial arrangements are as follows:• His salary has just been increased to $120,000 p.a., which is taxed at a rate of 33%before being paid to him. This is currently being paid on a monthly basis at thestart of each month.• Any salary over $200,000 p.a. will be taxed at 40% (i.e. the first $200,000 p.a. ofsalary is taxed at 33%, the amount over $200,000 p.a. is taxed at 40% – tax is paidat a constant rate each month during each year assuming that the monthly salaryis to be earned over the whole year).• He is paying off a mortgage on the property he lives in. The payments are currently$3,000 at the end of each month, which is enough to have the property paid offexactly in 7 years at the current interest rate of 4% p.a. effective.• Currently each month, $2,500 of his net salary is being used in expenses and anyadditional amount is being invested in a bank account earning 2.5% p.a.compounded monthly. These payments are being made on the same day the netsalary is received.• The current bank account balance (before receiving the inheritance) can beassumed to be zero.• He expects his expenses to increase by 0.6% each month.• He expects his salary to increase at a rate of 5% p.a. going forward. This increaseis processed on a yearly basis, with the next increase to occur after 12 furthersalary payments at the recently increased rate.• Interest income in the bank account is taxed at a concessional rate of 15%immediately on the interest income earned each month.• He intends to live in his home when he is retired and live off the proceeds of hisbank account in retirement.• Initially, the man wants to deposit the inheritance in his bank account.a) Calculate the expected amount the man will have in his bank account at age65 under the basis above. Assume all interest rates remain constant.(12 Marks)

STAT 2032/6046: Financial Mathematics assignment 代写STAT 2032/6046: Financial Mathematics  Page | 3The first thing you notice about this man’s financial affairs is that it would most likely bebeneficial for him to pay off the mortgage as quickly as possible. This would involve usingthe inheritance immediately and making a lump sum contribution to the home loan, andthen continuing the $3,000 per month repayments until the loan is paid off. Anyadditional amount of salary not used is credited to the bank account.b) Calculate how much more the man will have at age 65 if he takes thisapproach.(7 Marks)The client mentions to you he is extremely risk averse and does not want to invest inanything where the cash-flows aren’t known in advance. Based on this you decide to onlyrecommend fixed interest securities, with the intention of investigating the impact ofinvesting the inheritance in either of these securities.Two options which you are considering are as follows:Bond A – A zero coupon bond redeemable in 20 years with a gross yield of 6.0% p.a.effective.Bond B – Pays half yearly coupons of 6.0% p.a. Redemption is at the decision of the issuerat the following redemption values:• 1.2 times the face value on any coupon date in the 11 th year through to the 13 thyear from now• 1.3 times the face value on any coupon date in the 14 th year through to the 15 thyear from nowThis bond has a minimum gross yield of 7.5% p.a. effective.c) Assuming the man invests in either Bond A or Bond B (but not both at thesame time); calculate the nominal amount of each bond which can bepurchased using the inheritance amount of $150,000.(5 marks)STAT 2032/6046: Financial Mathematics  Page | 4Should the client decide to invest in one of the bonds above, you decide to recommendthat the mortgage continue to be paid off with the $3,000 per month for 7 years. The clientis also subject to a tax of 20% on coupons and capital gains. The tax is payableimmediately it is incurred, with coupons to be invested in the bank account when theyare received. The gross yields of the bonds are unchanged.d) For both bond purchase options, calculate how much money the man willhave in the bank account at age 65. Assume that Bond B is redeemed at theend of the 15 th year.(14 marks)e) Which of the four alternatives discussed above should the man choose suchthat he has the largest bank balance at the age of 65? Give a shortexplanation for your answer.(2 marks)END OF ASSIGNMENT

STAT 2032/6046: Financial Mathematics assignment 代写

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STAT 2032/6046: Financial Mathematics assignment 代写


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