Super Bowl Advertisement Critique

Super Bowl Advertisement Critique.


For the Super Bowl Critique, you are asked to select your favorite 2021 Super Bowl Ad. You will then critique
the ad based on industry standards. You will turn to forum discussion content, textbook content, and
supplemental course materials for industry best practices.
Evaluative Criteria
Clearly identify what you believe to be the campaign objectives (e.g., brand awareness, brand perception,
and/or brand preference)
Explained how effective the campaign was in meeting those objectives
Explain how effective the ad is/was in meeting those objectives
Support explanation with secondary research (e.g., expert insights, data, etc.)
Make your case for why you believe your chosen advertiser got the most return for its money
Support your claims with secondary research
Share viewership and audience details
Share key insights for the 2021 game
Explain whom you believe the ad was targeting and whether the Super Bowl was the best place for the
advertiser to reach its audience. (Explain/describe thoroughly)
What approach has the campaign taken post Super Bowl?
Who do you believe to be its target based on media placement post Super Bowl?
When discussing targeting include a discussion on demographics, psychographics, and behavioral targeting
Use strategic planning supplemental materials to evaluate the program
Identify whether the brand is a follower or leader
Share details on the brand’s current market share (secondary research used as support)
Determine/explain whether the brand managers applied the right strategic and creative approaches based on
their position in the marketplace
Describe and share (e.g., screen grabs, images, links to YouTube clips, social media platform posts, etc.) each
of the channels/approaches utilized for the campaign 
Include discussion on weaknesses of the execution of the program within those channels. (e.g., Facet’s Model
of Effects, Media Planning techniques, etc.).
Explain the techniques the Creative Directors employed when writing the copy (television, radio, print, digital,
Explain whether you believe they employed the appropriate techniques
Explain the creative elements of the spot and critiqued the ad based on proven industry best practices
Consult materials from textbook (e.g., Facet’s Model of Effects)
Consult supplemental materials (e.g., elements of a strong IMC program, creative strategy, strategic planning,
Kellogg’s ADPLAN, etc.)
Support your claims with secondary research
Explain the role this spot played in the product/brand’s overall marketing mix – identify the other channels
being utilized
I am looking for details and support for claims from strong sources
Explain whether the campaign appropriately integrated (See week one supplementary materials for the
elements of strong IMC programs)
Explain what you believe brand managers could do to further support their campaign (PR, advertising, etc.)
Share what the “experts” had to say about your chosen campaign (e.g., AdAge, Wall Street Journal, etc.).
Shared your point-of-view as to whether you agree or disagree with the commentary
Explain, based on the efforts of others within the competitive set, whether your program has broken through
the clutter (support with data, expert insights, etc.)
Explain whether you believe the brand should move forward with advertising in the 2022 Super Bowl. Support
your claims with data, expert insights, etc.
If the team decides to advertise in 2022, do you believe the current team should be rehired? Address the
agency, Creative Director(s), Writers, Media Planners, PR Directors – identify each, evaluate the job each did
and whether it met, fell short or exceeded industry expectations.
Illustrate that you have a firm grasp of course material


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Super Bowl Advertisement Critique


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