Sustainable Society

Sustainable Society.



1. Read Chapters 18 and 23 of the textbook by Wright & Boorse.
2. Read Chapter 13 of the textbook by Wright.
3. Visit and review some of the resources and articles there, especially as they relate to
4. Write a 1-page double-spaced answer to the article and ensure the following points are addressed:
A. Define “sustainability” and “sustainable development.”
B. What is meant by a sustainable society?
C. How did the structures of towns and cities begin to change after World War II? What factors were
responsible for this change?
D. Why are the terms “car dependent” and “urban sprawl” used to describe our current suburban lifestyle and
urban layout?
E. How does exurban migration, urban sprawl, and urban decay become a vicious cycle?
F. What are the reasons for urban blight in the cities of many developing countries?
G. What do the people in shantytowns need the most?
REFRENCES= 3 minimum
1. the provided website address to find
2. Wright, R. (2003). Biology through the eyes of faith. New York, NY: HarperOne.
3. Wright, R. T., & Boorse, D. F. (2017). Environmental Science: Towards A Sustainable Future: 13th Edition.
Pearson Education Inc.
5. Then, on the second page, please answer these questions for me to put on my 10 PowerPoint slides that
address the following points:
A. List of five transitions that are necessary for a future sustainable civilization.
B. Describe smart growth strategies that address urban sprawl.
C. Explain some characteristics of livable cities. 
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D. What are some stewardship values that play a role in sustainability?
E. Describe five levels on which people can participate in working toward a sustainable future.

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Sustainable Society


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