Symphony through the Ages.

Symphony through the Ages..



According to Jacobus and Martin, “the symphony marks one of the
highest developments in the history of Western instrumental music. The symphony is so flexible a structure
that it has flourished in every musical era since the Baroque period in the early eighteenth century” (239).
Examine the development of the symphony by looking at three symphonies that exemplify three different
periods. If possible, find a recording of the symphony (either live or a remake of what the orchestra would have
sounded like). Listen to the recordings with the aim of writing descriptive criticism. What makes them unique?
How do they reflect their moment in history? Then, research non-Western influences of the symphony.
Consider how the symphony has evolved and how it’s a reflection of both Western and non-Western music.
Write a 2.5 to 3.5 page report that examines the three symphonies, describes your experiencing listening (as
distinguished from hearing), and discusses the non-Western influence of the symphony. Use and highlight four
or more vocabulary terms from your vocabulary chart in your report. Cite any outside sources you use to
discuss the art in a reference page formatted according to APA or Turabian standards.
Vocab List is Here:




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Symphony through the Ages.


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