Terracotta Army

Terracotta Army.



An original research paper (minimum of 2000 words [excluding extensive quotes]), including a reference
section, is required for this class. The main goal of this paper is to apply a scientific approach to the subject of
your research. In this vein, your paper will be based on valid scientific evidence to reconstruct past civilizations.
You must include specific archaeological findings that support your work. Keep in mind this is a research paper
in archaeology and not just a historical account.
Topic: For this assignment you must select an artifact manufactured by an ancient culture and explain some of
the following:
what it tells us about the culture that created it,
the technology that made it possible,
how it may signal contact with neighboring cultures,
its implications for its culture and civilization at large
The student is encouraged to select a topic (artifact) of his/her own choosing with the instructor’s permission.
You should select an artifact that addresses one or more of the following:
A major technological innovation
Important social, ceremonial, or religious significance
Archaeological mysteries examined from a scientific perspective
Artifacts with environmental implications
Artifacts related uniquely to a specific archaeological site/s
Artifacts: portable objects manufactured by humans. You can also include specific structures like a particular
building. Include objects manufactured up to around AD 1000-1200 (prehistoric times only, based on regional

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Terracotta Army


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