The Canadian OSHA PSAs

The Canadian OSHA PSAs.

1. If you have not seen the Canadian OSHA PSAs, then watch them. They are in the additional materials tab. As far as shock factor goes the Canadians are about a light year ahead of the US. I need to have you answer the age-old question of “are shocking videos effective in getting people to think about safety more”? Many safety professionals will tell you the “bleeding” video, intended to shock the audience does not work. The worker becomes numb seeing it repeatedly. Or it is so shocking that some workers block it out of their minds when they see it. Answer this question by giving your opinion, (backed up by some experience you might have had). One-line answers won’t work… (Sorry).

2. In addition to the Canadian PSAs in additional material, I put a PowerPoint that deals with one of my favor complaints against OSHA which is, fatality fines. Without give the details of my great ppt, I have got a problem with how companies get a slap on the wrists for killing a worker. To answer this question, give your opinion on why fines are excessively low or are they fair for a small company that just made a mistake? Short one-line answers are still not accepted.

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The Canadian OSHA PSAs


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