“The Crisis of Confidence”” (1979) former President Jimmy Carter states: 

“The Crisis of Confidence”” (1979) former President Jimmy Carter states: .


In 3 page essay you have been asked to address the following questions:
1. Gather information to help the governor decided the extent to which he should “”shut down”” the state. What data will you try to collect to help you make the decision? Where will you be able to get this data?
What media outlets will you consult for reliable information? Provide the citation and link to one example (news paper article, or video of a news report) of a reliable source of information. Explain why you think it is reliable.
What actions will you recommend to Florida’s residents? What will be the consequences if residence do not abide by the rules.
2. Will you advise the governor to seek the federal government’s assistance in securing protective gear and equipment for hospital workers and patients? Or do you think you should try to find a means through which the governor and purchase these goods from private companies at market prices?
3. The governor as ordered that all schools and universities be moved to remote learning. He hopes to open the schools by April 15th. What criteria will you try to secure for him to help him decide whether this is a good idea or not?
4. Identify for the governor steps that he may take to better prepare Florida for another pandemic.


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“The Crisis of Confidence”” (1979) former President Jimmy Carter states: 


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