The dependent/independent variables

The dependent/independent variables.







Consider a breathable environment that prevents cross contamination but allow light to penetrate in your house. In one of you papers you wrote about spore size so you may be able to use row covers on plastic containers – up to you to investigate.

I need these sections to be done: Method section
• What is the dependent/independent variables?
• Why choosing Whey to control the spoilage of Alternaria fungi?
• Experimental Design
• Materials and methods
• Whey preparation (need to be cited)
• Sampling
• Experimental Design
• Data/Analysis
• Limitations and Controls

I need the writer to do the study design methods above so I can start to collect my data collection after I finish the experiment. Do not write a result because I did not do the experiment yet, still working on the method section.
In this section I need the writer to think about a research design that how will you measure efficacy? Is it a valid and reliable measure? How do you know?
whey extraction technique – is it valid and reliable? How do you know? (my assumption based on what you wrote is liquid version). Application and control.
As you look toward methods, items you will need to be addressing:
1. How will you operationalize (define and measure) your Dependent variable? Is it valid and reliable? How can you prove that it is valid and reliable? This needs a good citation!
2. What level of measurement is your Dependent Varible and what statistical analyses are available for that LOM
3. Manipulation check – who will you KNOW that you are controlling Alternaria fungi? Think feasibility – what fungi commonly effect cucumbers (or whatever fruit you decide on) and how can source them?
4. For example: I used this design because…. I used this many fruits because…. I used this method to assign subject to group because… There should be a scholarly justification for every decision.
5. Remember that Section VI of the IRB application, parts A- D is a nice guide for reminding you of the items you need to consider in writing your methods section. I am not saying it is comprehensive, but it is a good guide.
A) Materials, Methods, and Analysis (quantitative and qualitative):
1. Describe data collection methods (procedures)—Be specific.
2. Describe the specific materials or tools that will be used to collect the data—Be specific. For established instruments include reliability and validity information. If instruments are changed from the original form, provide explanation.
3. Describe timeline of the procedures and an estimate of how long each procedure will last.
Describe how you will analyze your data; describe the analysis type and procedures including statistics and scientific or scholarly justification for the use of these analyses—be specific
D. Research Population & Recruitment Methods:
1. Inclusion and exclusion criteria (What participant traits are needed to be included? What traits exclude participants?)
2. What is the scientific or scholarly justification for the number, gender, age, or race of the population you intend to recruit?
3. How did you choose the source of participants or data? (Census records, Becker students, Mass General Hospital records, etc.)
4. Recruitment procedure (if applicable) including who will recruit participants.
5. Tools that will be used to recruit (payment, advertisements, and flyers—Attach copies to this application.)



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The dependent/independent variables


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