‘The Ethics of Reading’ by Jane Gallop.”

‘The Ethics of Reading’ by Jane Gallop.”.


Task 1/Reading and Annotating: Read the document “Excerpts from ‘The Ethics of Reading’ by Jane Gallop.” As you read Gallop’s article, annotate and write some notes about Gallop’s main ideas:

the definition of close reading,
the two main benefits of close reading (including the definition of “projection”),
the definition of the genre,
the connection between close reading and learning,
the reason close reading is ethical,
the way close reading leads to close listening.
Next, follow the link on Canvas>Week Four “What Does Genre Mean?” and read the article you find there. This will help you understand what Gallop says about the genre.

Task 2/Composing to Communicate: Organize your notes from Task 1 and write a strong paragraph in reponse to ONE of these questions on Canvas>Discussions:

Which one of Gallop’s main ideas do you find new or most interesting or most useful? Why? OR
How can you use some of Gallop’s ideas to become a more ethical student? OR
What is genre? How can understanding a text’s genre help you read the text, and how can understanding a text’s genre get in the way of reading a text

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‘The Ethics of Reading’ by Jane Gallop.”


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