The ‘general public’

The ‘general public’.

Description: Prepare and present a 7-9 minute speech to the ‘general public’ on the same study you used for Speech 2. After you speak, field 1-2 minutes of questions from the audience. You will present on the same material as Speech 2, but you will need to ‘translate’ the material for your chosen audience (see below for the explanation on choosing an audience). though you will need to choose a specific audience to present to (see below for audience explanation). You must use the same main research paper you used for Speech 2 as the basis for Speech 3, unless you are to change cleared by me to change.
1. Audience: You should target a specific audience that lacks expert knowledge on your subject. You should not merely say that you are targeting people like “X” (i.e., not “people who have diabetes” or “nurses who care for people with HF”). You should have a real potential group with a real occasion in mind (e.g., patients attending the St. Mary’s patient workshop on diabetes,” or “nurses at Grady Hospital attending a workshop on patient care for HF).
2. Purpose: You should have a general purpose AND a specific purpose (general purposes are listed below; a sample behavioral change would be “nurses will attend closely to changes in breathing patterns of patients at the first and last visits each shift.“
3. Organization: Will be based on your stated purpose and chosen from the options in the lecture slides.
4. Worksheet: Fill in the sheet posted to the eLC and turn it in with your slideware for the workshop on the drop box by 8AM the morning of the workshop and bring copies of it and the slideware for your teammates. If you want Andrew to check it before you work up the speech and slideware for the workshop, just email it to him
5. Required Components: You must use at least two of the following: 1. Central metaphor, 2. Contrast/comparison, or 3. Stories. You should use two different types of visuals. You may use audio or audience participation, but be aware that these take a lot of time from a relatively short speech.
6. Question and Answer: You will have up to 2 minutes of questions from the audience. If you do not answer questions, you get a zero in the question box (Same penalties for over or under-time).


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The ‘general public’


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