The most successful medical stories.

The most successful medical stories..



1) How well does the intro identify the controversial issue? It presents evidence of a problem and may explain how it is relevant to the public interest. There should be some current news story about it showing that something is currently at stake.

2) How well does the intro present the nature of the problem, or the dispute over the nature of the problem? How well does it describe the relevant voices in the public conversation? Voices may include those of groups directly impacted by the issue, of media representation and analysis of those groups’ positions, of the authorities with the power to decide what will happen, and of general public opinion.

3) The intro should suggest which voices are more persuasive.

The Body of the essay:

4) Usually, the early part of the essay’s body evaluates the arguments put forth by the various voices in the discussion. How well does the essay present these voices? How methodically does it evaluate them? Does the essay fact check claims (premises), and consider the validity of arguments? Does it consider the relevance, sufficiency, and credibility of evidence provided? In cases of inductive arguments, are Mill’s Methods applied? The essay shouldn’t use term “Mill’s Methods” (or logos, pathos, etc.) but the concepts should be applied when appropriate.

5) How well does the essay express the relationships between the various relevant arguments?

6) As an essay moves forward, it typically examines various proposals for resolution of the problem. How well are the various possibilities expressed and evaluated? How well does the essay make a case for a specific course of action?

7) Does the essay follow MLA guidelines for quotations, in-text citation, and the Works Cited page?

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The most successful medical stories.


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