The play Fences portrayal of the character Rose is that of a typical 1950s dutiful housewife, with an extra sprinkle of compassion and love.

The play Fences portrayal of the character Rose is that of a typical 1950s dutiful housewife, with an extra sprinkle of compassion and love..

I’m studying and need help with a English question to help me learn.Hi I need this essay corrected to English 1B writing standards The play Fences portrayal of the character Rose is that of a typical 1950s dutiful housewife, with an extra sprinkle of compassion and love. Her characterization insinuates the limited options available to women during those times. It wasn’t a great time to be a woman, let alone an African-American woman in a predominantly white society. Wilson’s play confirms some of our preexisting notions about the oppression and hardships faced by the average woman of the time. However, this play has also challenged the narrative of a woman being completely dependent on her husband and having an external locus of identity. Rose, despite the misfortune she encounters, is a strong, opinionated woman who holds her ground and displays no signs of being your average “damsel-in-distress”. Fences is one of August Wilson’s Pulitzer-winning plays which tells us the story of an African American family, which essentially focuses on Troy Maxson, and his difficulties as a black man in a white society. The story gallops through multiple themes as well as emphasizes the relationship between Troy and his family. Since the story revolves around Troy, it is evident how many of the decisions he makes affect those around him. We observe the gradual disintegration of the relationship between his friends and family.Rose is a forty-three-year-old African American housewife who loves her family. Coincidentally, like August Wilson’s mother’s name, Daisy, Rose is the name of a flower. Flowers and planting encompasses a motif that is used in Fences to represent nurturing, loving, kindness, and care. These attributes share qualities with all living things that require nurturing to grow and transform; love and patience and forgiveness. Rose Maxson is an inherently compassionate character, and these traits are embodied in all of her relationships, more specifically, as a parent. Rose has a good judge of character, unlike her male counterpart. She puts her faith in her family and hopes for a better future, whilst not begrudging the dragging present situation. Rose’s request to build a fence in their small backyard symbolizes her desire to keep her loved ones close to her. Rose is a realist who lives in the present and is in no way a romantic, yearning for the old days. Unlike Troy, she wants Cory to pursue football. Rose embodies the maternal affection, and contrary to Troy’s dismissal of his son’s emotions, Rose is a fountain of love and understanding. The more Troy tries to destroy Cory’s ambition to play football, the more Rose supports her son. She even tries convincing Troy how times have changed since he played sports; that Cory’s race will not deprive him of a future in sports. Rose is a dutiful wife. She is essentially what one may expect of a stereotypical housewife of the 1950s. She is always seen at home, cooking and cleaning. And, the most important part of being a housewife at the time, she stands by her husband. Despite Troy’s unappealing idiosyncrasies, Rose stands with him for the most part of the play. However, Rose is no pushover either. She doesn’t let Troy walk all over her; she always calls him out when needed. When he makes inappropriate comments, or when he exaggerates some stories, she sets him straight. Rose always serves as the voice of reason for her husband. For example, when he says, albeit metaphorically, that he wrestled the Grim Reaper, Rose makes it known that he’s talking about the time he was inflicted with pneumonia. When she learns about his affair, she tells him off. But an instance that exemplifies Rose’s compassion is Rose’s acceptance of Raynell, the daughter of Troy and his mistress who died in childbirth, as her own child. Troy implores Rose to be a mother to the baby girl after Alberta’s death.It is apparent that this line sums up the two sides to Rose’s nature. Being a natural mother, she wants to nurture and care for the child. Despite the child being a product of her husband’s extramarital affair, her compassion is undeterred. Nevertheless, Rose cuts Troy off completely after having agreed to mother the child. For the rest of the play, it is plain to see that the two are absolutely alienated. Sure, they go about their lives as though nothing happened. But it’s clear that Rose has cut all her emotional ties with Troy. Consequently, Troy loses the loving wife he once had.Rose is distinguished from the other characters through her devotion to, and her tendency to give up her own desires for the family. She strives to be the best wife and mother for her family. In contrast, Troy succumbs to his desires, as in his affair. On the other hand, the fence is the manifestation of Rose’s belief in preserving the bond that holds her family together. Rose is devastated by Troy’s betrayal of her trust. But what matters the most is the fact that she didn’t completely break down underneath the burden of her husband’s infidelity, and carried on. This portrayal of a woman from that time challenges the stereotype of wives being unable to function without the love and loyalty, or at least its illusion, of their male counterparts.References:Parsons Ron. American Players Theatre. February 8, 2021… Requirements: 700-1000   |   .doc file

The play Fences portrayal of the character Rose is that of a typical 1950s dutiful housewife, with an extra sprinkle of compassion and love.


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