The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter.



Should have MLA-styled headings and be written in solid, academic prose and employ proper documentation
for any quotations used. Quotations is a must and the book is the only reference/citation to be used. To be
written in MLA format.
In a manner similar to Cooper’s, Hawthorne created a different kind of mythology with his focus on the Puritan
community. Hester’s struggle to be a good member of the Puritan society is thwarted by her one “sinful” action,
and the community’s turning away from her and her daughter, Pearl.
• What is Hester’s equilibrium (harmony) like? How does the disturbance at the start of the novel help create
sympathy for Hester as she struggles alone to raise her child?
• Hester’s central goal is to raise Pearl to be a respectable woman; however, the Puritan community seeks out
evidence to the contrary, wanting to remove Pearl from her care. What evidence does the narrator provide to
show us that Hester is a good mother? Is there evidence to prove that Pearl is a demon-child, having been a
product of Hester’s illicit love affair?



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The Scarlet Letter


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