The spread of “bloodborne pathogen”

The spread of “bloodborne pathogen”.

1. Identify the 4 conditions which must be met in order for a “bloodborne pathogen” to spread.
2. How can you minimize the risk of spreading a disease when giving care when visible blood is involved?
3. How do you obtain consent to help a Responsive or Unresponsive victim?
4. Before you act, what are the 7 limitations to consider before moving one or more persons?
5. Name and describe “when to use it” the 5 Emergency Moves in chapter 4.
6. Name and describe the Anatomic Terms which refer to “directions and locations” when discussing where a
person is experiencing signs and symptoms from an injury or illness..
7. Name and describe the 5 “positions” you may have to describe a person’s position to the EMS.
8. Name and describe the 5 Body Cavities in discussed in Chapter 4.
9. Name and Explain the “primary function’s” of the 8 Body Systems discussed in Chapter 4 and NAME AN
INJURY OR ILLNESS related to each Body System.

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The spread of “bloodborne pathogen”


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