The Treaty of Waitangi

The Treaty of Waitangi.




The Treaty of Waitangi is now interpreted as having both provisions and principles. The provisions are what the Treaty actually says, or provides for. The principles are how those provisions are to be applied in a modern context, in which circumstances have often changed radically. In many work environments there is an onus to incorporate Treaty principles not only into the strategic plans of the organisations, but also into work practice.
In a report,relate some of the principles and your own understanding of the Treaty to the area in which you work. Describe how these principles can be applied to your work environment in a non-threatening way. (2,500 words)

1. Write an introduction (no more than 200 words) outlining the topics your report will be covering.

2. Write around 2000 words on the details of this topic (each one under separate headings). including:

• A discussion of principles of the Treaty
• How the Treaty principles can be applied to your particular area of work (if you do not currently have a workplace use a hypothetical example)

3. Finish the assignment with a conclusion (around 300 words) which sums up the main points relating to aspects of the implementation of Treaty principles in the workplace.


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The Treaty of Waitangi


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