Thesis report Weight: 60% Type of Collaboration:

Thesis report Weight: 60% Type of Collaboration:.

Thesis report Weight: 60% Type of Collaboration: Individual Due: Week 15 Friday midnight Submission: Online Submissions via Turnitin Format: 5000 Words Maximum Length: 5000 words Curriculum Mode: Report The Final Report needs to outline the likely contents to address the specific objectives of the Project. The comprehensiveness of the review and the creditability of sources of information are necessary for the analysis of critical and contrasting views on the subject which lead to the possible endings and conclusions (tacit knowledge) on the subject. This will be assessed under the following six headings: (1) Framework or outline (table of contents) (5%); (2) comprehensiveness (25%); (3) credible sources of information (10%); (4) critical and contrasting view (10%); (5) Endings or conclusions (tacit knowledge) (20%); and (6) executive summary (30%). Comprehensiveness In seeking and reviewing information on a subject, comprehensive information is required on each subject/aspect of the Project. Always start from a broad and comprehensive review followed by articulating the critical and sometime contrasting views on the subject. The more comprehensive your review is, the more likely chance that it will lead to more truthful and useful outcomes. Credible Sources of Information (Authoritativeness) Key points must be validated by more than one source. For the progress draft, sources from newspapers and trade magazines will occasionally be accepted. However specific information in the final submission must be cited from refereed journal articles and official websites (ie. parliament [Hansard], government and university sources). You must attempt to establish the reliability of each key source. For instance, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is a reliable source of information on climate change. You can still state widely-held, but unreliable counter-arguments in your literature to indicate the state of knowledge (or lack) in the general community. Critical & Contrasting View A literature review shall ideally contain information both FOR and AGAINST each issue. The two sides of the argument must be structured so that overall situation is coherent (i.e. you are providing two sides to an issue). Information related to a specific problem in the construction industry should reference local perspectives through regional and sectorial magazines. You can also contrast the specific perspective with other sections of the industry or with other parts of the world. Analysis and Findings Concepts must be coherently related together. The literature review must start from the general problem that you highlighted in your Project Brief and lead to a specific research questions and outcomes that you pose in the final section of the literature review. References The Schools referencing requirement is the Harvard referencing system (Author, Date). Full details of referencing systems can be found at: A full range of resources for searching and citing references is available at: http: / / library. uws. edu. au / training. phtml It is recommended that students become familiar with the referencing software, such as RefWorks, available from the UWS Library websit

Thesis report Weight: 60% Type of Collaboration:


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