This assignment assesses

This assignment assesses.

This assignment assesses your progress in mastering the following course competencies: Evaluate Skinner’s theory on the analysis of verbal behavior. Analyze the verbal operants associated with Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior. Evaluate current practices in the application of verbal behavior analysis. Evaluate research specific to the analysis of verbal behavior. Communicate in a professional manner consistent with the field of behavior analysis. Goal: In this assignment, you will synthesize your understanding of Skinner’s theory on verbal behavior and its analysis and your research on current applications of this theory into a cohesive presentation designed to further the knowledge of professionals practicing in the field. Instructions You have been asked to present at a regional seminar on the topic “Contemporary Applications of Skinner’s Analysis of Verbal Behavior.” Your audience is a group of professionals (therapists, teachers, psychologists, behavior analysts, et cetera) who has a basic understanding of the principles of behavior, as well as a basic knowledge of Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior that may be limited by their field of practice. Presentation topic: RFT. (Relational Frame Theory)
For this assignment: Research the chosen topic. You may use the articles provided in your studies and additional relevant literature (see the References guidelines below.) Create a 30-minute PowerPoint presentation (30–50 slides plus Q&A) with speaker notes in which you provide a brief retrospective of Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior along with a more comprehensive discussion of elements that are particularly supported or engaged by the contemporary application you have chosen.
Part 1: Verbal Behavior Retrospective (10–20 slides) Remember that your audience has a basic understanding of verbal behavior analysis that may be limited to their scope of practice.
You will want to briefly review and expand a bit on the main aspects of Skinner’s theory, especially as they may relate to your chosen application. Describe Skinner’s theory in relationship to your chosen application. Include the elements listed below: Skinner’s theory on verbal behavior and its analysis.


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This assignment assesses


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