This is a combination assignment visual presentation and writing, PLEASE follow

This is a combination assignment visual presentation and writing, PLEASE follow.

This is a combination assignment visual presentation and writing, PLEASE follow specific instructions attached.
For this discussion board post, you need to identify and describe a “system” that is of interest to you. IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure you select a system you would like to continue exploring because, in your class project, you will critically analyze this system and you will be tackling a problem contained within it.
My System: “Going back to the office, after working from home over a year”
As you have learned from the instructional material, a system can be social (a group of people), institutional (school, university), or even corporate (but it is not limited to just these). Oftentimes, it is not only one, but in fact an intersection of these. We will learn more about this as the semester progresses, so for now it is okay to use only the information you have. There is no need to research more on this topic at this moment.
Your discussion post must include three parts: a visual, a written description, and a brief discussion of a problem that exists within the system.
1. A visual representation of the system. You can draw this by hand or use software (e.g., Powerpoint). Your visual should fit on one page. Be sure to include complexity and specificity to your drawing (i.e., how the elements/components within the system are connected). Details will be included in the written portion of the assignment so limit text on drawing to labels only (if needed). The grade will not be affected by the choice of drawing (hand vs. digital).
2. A detailed description of the system. Your written description should be 450-600 words. Make sure to identify system components, relationships, physical/intellectual structures, and anything else associated with your system. Explain how information makes its way through this system. Think about answering questions such as:
o What are the channels of communication?
o Do some people have more control over the flow of information or the introduction of new ideas?
o You do not need to judge or attribute value to the system (“This is bad.” “They do this great thing”), but instead, provide an overview of the system. *Reminder: this counts towards the upper-division writing requirement. Make sure to use a university-level, academic writing style.
o A minimum of four references/citations. These can be references to course materials or outside sources, so long as they are reputable sources. Citations must follow APA style (see APA Style and Grammar Guidelines (Links to an external site.)). Points will be deducted if references and citations do not conform to APA style.
3. A problem or issue that exists within the system. This section should be 100-150 words and should discuss a problem(s) that exists within your system. Ideally, this will be a problem that could be addressed by an innovation. However, focus your discussion on the

This is a combination assignment visual presentation and writing, PLEASE follow


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