Toxins Twitter Campaign

Toxins Twitter Campaign.


The intent of your effort is to alert Troop B communities about the dangers of household toxins. When doing this, do not underestimate the intelligence of the population nor their desire for a well-founded explanation of the risks of household toxins. You are creating a twitter campaign on paper only and don’t necessarily have to place the tweets on twitter. It is more on the lines of a mock campaign which will include at least 14 tweets and run over a two-week time period. Each tweet should be within 280 characters and should have coherent messages on the dangers associated with common household products within the parameters of one’s environment. Toxicokinetic definitions should include at a minimum how something enters the body, how it is filtered out or absorbed, and how it metabolized and/or expelled. From this the reader should understand how dangerous something is. Be sure to integrate at least findings from one peer reviewed primary research to add credibility to the campaign.

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Toxins Twitter Campaign


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