Trouble Brewing at Starbucks

Trouble Brewing at Starbucks.




The case focuses on Starbucks, a global brand with high consumer awareness. Refer to the instructions in the Syllabus & Course Info section in order to access and read this case in the attachment.
For the purposes of this case, please stick within the confines of the information contained in the case study. In the context of this case, Starbucks is experiencing some challenges. Use your marketing skills, research, and experience when making strategic recommendations for Starbucks. For example, you could suggest that Starbucks create a customer loyalty program. In this case, please do not say, Starbucks should have a customer loyalty program and note that they did that as a solution. It would be preferable if you noted a company that had a successful customer loyalty program that Starbucks could emulate. One of the main purposes of a case study is to place yourself within the role of leader. In business and life, we face the challenges of uncertain information. Given the information in the case and marketing best practices, what should Starbucks change in order to achieve continued success? What competitive threats are on the horizon that Starbucks should position against?
A robust case study will be 5-7 pages in length and include cited sources to support your analysis.


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Trouble Brewing at Starbucks


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