US Healthcare Policy Presentation

US Healthcare Policy Presentation.


Students will develop a narrated PPT presentation to address the following concepts:
• Describe the state of the United States Healthcare System as we know it today
• Define and analyze how the three legs of the healthcare system are interrelated
• Describe barriers to healthcare access today and how these barriers are associated with determinants of
• Describe the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and the current events affecting it
• Identify three initiatives to take place under the PPACA and/or current opposing legislation
• Analyze advantages and disadvantages with those three initiatives
• Analyze how nurses and nurse leaders can improve quality, cost and access within this new role
To prepare for the online presentation, you will record your speech on each of the PPT slides or write your
intended speech to the Note area in the PPT. Limit your entire speech to 20 minutes and 300 words on each
Note. The PPT will be submitted to Blackboard on due date and your colleagues will comment on the
presentation to clarify the contents. A minimum of 20 slides PPT is required, not including title and reference
slides. See Grading Rubric to ensure all required areas are covered in your presentation.

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US Healthcare Policy Presentation


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