Peter David Singer is a moral philosopher on 6th July 1946 in Australia. He has written several books, but the most famous one is the Animal Liberation, which was published in 1975. Throughout his career Peter Singer advocated for ethical issues but from a preference utilitarian perspective.

Peter Singer championed for animal liberation, he argues that the Utilitarian idea should be extended to the animals as the measure of ethical behavior. The idea states that “The greatest good of the greatest number,” which Peter Singer thought it’s the perfect measure of ethical behavior. The philosopher believes that through species human beings have been privileged and treated as if they are not animals. Other animals show significant difference however they are treated  as animals despite that great difference they possess. He feels that human beings should neither be treated like special creations from the rest. With all these arguments I still don’t believe that animals can be equalized with human beings. We have better brains and abilities that make our lives more important than that of the animals.

Human beings were given the responsibility to rule, control and take care of the other animals, on the account that they were given better brains than the other animals. I believe that the existing treatment of human beings as special species is correct. Nothing should change the system because none of the animals will be able to take care of the rest like the human beings have one. However no human being should strive to create pain for others, let us all be united and strive towards making the World a better and comfortable place for everybody. Human beings should also take maximum care for the animals by stopping illegal practices like poaching to stop causing the pain to other animals.


Work Cited:

Animal Liberation, (1975) A New Ethics for our Treatment of Animals. Random House, New York



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