Video Reaction: “Rosie the Riveter”

Video Reaction: “Rosie the Riveter”.



Find The life and times of Rosie the Riveter documentary (An interesting slice of history during/after World War II) on the internet and fully answer THREE of the questions.


What drew the women into the factories? What did the propaganda films say had drawn them? What do the women interviewed say?
How did the propaganda films depict women’s work before the war? Why did they show women pursuing leisure activities–for example, playing cards?
How did the propaganda films make connections between domestic labor and women’s job skills in the industrial workplace? Why did the films make this connection?
How did male and female war workers interact? Did women in war work face job segregation and/or discrimination by race? By gender? By race?
Why was union activity significant in war working women’s lives? What strategies of organization did women learn from their union experiences?
How did women in war work balance the demands on them as mothers and as workers? What strategies for survival did they adopt?
The documentary contains a propaganda film aimed at women workers, telling them that it was their fault when war production fell. Why did the film blame women?
How was patriotism used to influence women’s behavior?
After the war, what were the women war workers expected to do? What did the workers themselves expect? Did they resist expectations that they would give up their work? What did these women do with the rest of their lives?




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Video Reaction: “Rosie the Riveter”


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