Week 1Assessment-Please take and complete the Discovery and DeliverySkills Qu

Week 1Assessment-Please take and complete the Discovery and DeliverySkills Qu.

Week 1
Assessment-Please take and complete the Discovery and Delivery- Skills Quiz pags 38-40 in your book. This is an initial snapshot of your discovery/delivery skills. (You may find the assessment on different pages depending on the version of the book you are using). You need the results to respond to DQ1 Now in an APA 7th ed, formatted paper using a word attachment present your profile – 12 point font, double spaced, with headings for each section of the pa[er. Sections of the paper: Organize your paper with proper APA headings that are required for each section that requires your careful reflection and discussion
Provide the detail of your scores from the results after you total your results using the instructions in your book for the assessments for discovery and delivery skills.
Interpret the meaning of your results of the odd numbered items – discovery skill range and the even numbered items- delivery skill range.
Discuss your results using the terminology from the book.
What surprised you?
What did you confirm about yourself?
What will you be able to do with the information from the assessment?
Format Must properly cite (using APA 7th ed.) the textbook in your narrative responses and other content from module one that is relevant and
Provide a reference page to reflect the citations used I ALREADY COMPLETED ASSESSMENT. PLEASE USE NETWORKING TO COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT or make the score show networking. you can find the book on
username login and password will be provided to the assigned writer.
book name: The innovator’s DNA
I also added the powerpoint for this week class to use

Week 1Assessment-Please take and complete the Discovery and DeliverySkills Qu


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